2013 Tea Cosy Competition

Traditional (Open)

Winner – Heather Graham for Madame Weigle’s Daffodils.

Traditional (Senior)

Winner – Margaret Nelson for Koala.

Traditional (Junior)

Winner – Phoebe Milnes for Tea Bunny.

Aquatic (Open)

Winner – Ann Parry for Like a Fish Out of Water.

Aquatic (Senior)

Winner – Lynette Blom for Summerland Facilitea.

Butch (Open)

Winner – Stephen Bennet for Vintage Jumbuck.

Butch (Senior)

Winner – Wendy Smith for Australian Afternoon Tea.

Butch (Junior)

Winner – Max Meyer for Max the Elephant.

Exuberant Whimsy (Open)

Winner – Dell Nolan for Tea-tastic Tree.

Exuberant Whimsy (Senior)

Winner – Mary Mackieson for Something to Crow About.

Exuberant Whimsy (Junior)

Winner – Holly Richardson for Have a Hoot at Tea Time.