2016 Tea Cosy Competition

Traditional (Open)

Winner – Heather G. Brimblecomb for A Leaf Tea Cosy.

Traditional (Senior)

Winner – Sandra Hatzis for Galway Bay Bows.

Traditional (Junior)

Winner – Charlotte Palmer for Fantasy Door.

Aquatic (Open)

Winner – Wendy Knight for Rainbow Trout with a Touch of Bling.

Aquatic (Senior)

Winner – Mary Capin for Sea Horses.

Aquatic (Junior)

Winner – Liam O’Neill for Slow Down for a Cuppa.

Mens (Open)

Winner – Judy Scott for Break for Tea.

Mens (Senior)

Winner – Ross West for Cognitive.

Mens (Junior)

Winner – Hugh and George Nicoll for Tea and Danish.

Exuberant Whimsy (Open)

Winner – Jocelyn Meyer for My Sister’s Dog.

Exuberant Whimsy (Senior)

Winner – Joyce Pickering for Croched Cosy.

Exuberant Whimsy (Junior)

Winner – Letitia Prosser for Sunshine on the Farm.

D’Cosy Prize

Winner – Tanya Aitchison for Red and White Russian Onion Dome.

Recycled Prize

Winner – Andrew McPherson for The Protector of the Tea.

Mystery Prize

Winner – Deborah Joy Cragg for Tea Hut.

Peoples Choice Prize

Winner – Kimberley Gantenbein.

Packers Prize