2018 Tea Cosy Competition

Traditional (Open)

Winner – Patricia du Plessis for English Country Cottage.

Honourable Mention – Joan Griffin for Ralphie’s Garden.

Exuberant Whimsy

Winner – Tanja Gawin for Dr. Seuss Takes His Tea.

Honourable Mention – Mary Morgan for Air Plant Tea Cosy.


Winner – Joanne Downie for Eucalyptus Leuxoxylon ‘Corkus Hat Tree’.

Honourable Mention – Janet Gilbert for Babushka (Russian Caravan Tea).

Mens (Open)

Winner – Nick Thieberger for Cassette Cosy with Echidna Roadkill.

Honourable Mention – Andrew Oldroyd for ExterminKnit.

Childrens (Preschool)

Winner – Bodhi Prosser for Snazzy Snail.

Honourable Mention – Clancy Oldroyd for My Lego Teapot.

Childrens (Primary)

Winner – Montana Kranen for Womens Business.

Honourable Mention – Aiden O’Neill for Tea in the Trenches.

Childrens (Secondary)

Winner – Scarlett Shannon for Appmeloncot.

Honourable Mention – Sale & District Specialist School Room B3 for Echidna Cuppa.

D’Cosy (Mystery) Prize

Winner – Rhae Nelson for Wren in the Garden.

Recycled Prize

Winner – Beth White for T 4 2.

Special Prize

Winner – Gayle Goodes for Mrs Flower Pot.

Popular Choice

Winner – Sarah Paynter for Sublime Succulents.