e-Cosy Prize Winners

Dear Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival e-Cosy Competition Competitors

I’d like to congratulate you all on your stunning work in this year’s virtual competition. Your creativity came through in the images and I had some hard decisions to make as I was spoilt for choice. I was so disappointed not to be able to share this moment with all of you in person but so thrilled that the organisers of this wonderful cultural event quickly adapted to the ‘new normal’ we now find ourselves in. I hope to meet many of you next time, well done one and all.

Keep crafting and carry on!

Ramona Barry
2020 Judge

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Exuberant Whimsy
Winner – Curly Top by Rosy Hardress
Ramona Barry’s comments: Beautifully made, fully functional and with the wow factor of a curly (over the) top! Both exuberant and whimsical, a clear winner.
Prize ($150) donated by Main Street Revelations Foster.

Honourable Mention – Grey Earl by Moya O’Brien
Ramona Barry’s comments: A wholly original piece that surprises and delights. A little spooky and cinematic but great fun and technically brilliant. The eyes follow you around the room!
$50 prize donated by Like a Fish Aquatics Fish Creek.

Cosies Through the Ages
Winner – Australian Summer Tragedy 2020 by Hellen Fisher
Ramona Barry’s comments: A lovingly crafted piece that captures an important moment in our current history. The use of novelty yarn to represent fire was a clever touch and that single tear speaks volumes of a tragedy still effecting so many.
$150 prize donated by Fish Creek Pharmacy Plus.

Honourable Mention – Got You Covid by Heather Brimblecombe
Ramona Barry’s comments: This wet felted cloche cosy sends a clear message that perhaps captures the spirit of the year. Great craft technique and the clever use of ‘Stay Home’ on one side and ‘Tea Time’ on the other quietly demonstrates our domestic quarantine that has overshadowed 2020. Wonderful piece.
$50 prize donated by De-Sign & Window Furnishings.

Traditional Open
Winner – To Have and To Hold by Mary Mauger
Ramona Barry’s comments: This lovely work is everything you want from a traditional tea cosy. Well crafted, aesthetically beautiful and timeless. Destined to be a treasured family heirloom.
$150 prize donated by R. & H. Poletti Fish Creek.

Honourable Mention – Fruit Platter by Joan Sweet
Ramona Barry’s comments: This cosy is a festival on a teapot. Clever showcase stitch techniques and excellent technique.
$50 prize donated by Wonthaggi Fabric & Beads.

Mens Open
Winner – Rus-Tea by Ken Roberts
Ramona Barry’s comments: Rusty indeed! A clever visual pun and a delightful way to dress a teapot.
$150 prize donated by Gecko Studio Gallery Fish Creek.

Winner (Preschool) – Octopus by Lily Young
Ramona Barry’s comments: Fantastic use of material, a great character cosy. The spout representing the mouth was impressive as was the use of bubble wrap to represent tentacles. Expressive paintwork only added to the water effect.
$50 prize donated by Prom Coast Holiday Lodge.

Honourable Mention (Preschool) – Dotty by Matilda O’Neill
Ramona Barry’s comments: I particularly liked the accent blue spot, well done!
$25 prize donated by The Snake Catcher Fish Creek.

Winner (Primary) – Gobledibear-thing from Outta Space by Aster White
Ramona Barry’s comments: I think this friendly alien would be very happy to be offered a cup of tea. The hat was a nice touch, great entry title too.
$75 prize donated by Danny O’Brien.

Honourable Mention (Primary) – Can’t Bear Cold Tea by Leticia Prosser
Ramona Barry’s comments: Fantastic character tea cosy, excellent stitching of non-traditional material. Would do well at a teddy bear’s picnic!
$40 prize donated by Natural Living Foster.

Winner (Secondary) – The COVID-19 Puzzle by Montana Kranen
Ramona Barry’s comments: The perfect quarantine cosy now we have the time to mull over our crosswords at length.
$100 prize donated by Foster Medical Centre.

D’Cosy Prize
Pumpkin Patch by Alyson Robinson
Hmmmm, what would Deidre choose?
The D’Cosy Prize is awarded in memory of Deidre Granger, the founder of the Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival.
$100 prize donated by Luke Dearlove.

Best Use of Recycled Materials Prize
Winner – Piping Hot Tea by Kerryn Valentine
Ramona Barry’s comments: In an era where the textile industry is being called to account for sustainability practice this is the perfect example of practical and stylish use of upcycling of material. The Piping Hot label is a clever touch on a beautiful constructed contemporary cosy.
$100 prize donated by Stefani Hilltop Gallery Fish Creek.

Honourable Mention – The Crinoline Lady by Karen-Anne Jones
Ramona Barry’s comments: Well isn’t she pretty? This fabulous use of recycled materials recalls the Dolly Varden cakes of yesteryear, perfect for an afternoon tea with the ladies.
Prize – festival merchandise.

Packers Prize
Winner – The Elephant in the Tea Room by Elin Soderlund
$100 prize donated by The Handmakers Store Fish Creek.

Honourable Mention – This is Australia by Roslyn Newick
$50 prize donated by Leongatha Sew & Knit.

Honourable Mention – Feisty Women’s Teaparty by Monique Nüssler
$50 prize donated by Tina Snell.

Honourable Mention – Blood Thirst Tea by Lyn Gallacher
Prize – festival merchandise.

Popular Choice
Cup Cake Cosy by Julie O’Hara
$100 prize donated by Anne Roussac-Hoyne.

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