The theme for the 2022 Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival is…Seasons!

Tea cosy crafters, your challenge for the Tea Cosy Competition is to craft a tea cosy representing spring, summer, autumn or winter…or any other season you observe or celebrate. Or enter a cosy in one of our other competition categories.

Entries close Friday 29 April 2022. More info about categories and prizes can be found in the entry form.

Download the entry form

Wi-Fi in Fishy

Our plan for launching our e-Cosy Exhibition last year was to stream a video or at least upload some images…but our launch remained mostly analogue rather than digital as we struggled to get anything to upload.
Our goal: to be social media streaming legends.
Reality: tea and cake outside the Fishy Hall.
Which was still a good result, ask anyone who passed by and got a piece of cake! But, we decided the time had come…time to get a public Wi-Fi network happening in Fish Creek.

Thank you to all involved in getting the Fishy Free Wi-Fi network up. The Tea Cosy Festival Committee contributed funds, as did the South Gippsland Shire Council. Richard Powell gave us awesome advice and technical help, and Aussie Broadband are providing us with free data. Proof again that local communities can collaborate effectively with government and business to achieve great results!

At the moment there is good coverage in a 50 metre radius of the hall, but the network will be expanded to cover the whole of the Fishy CBD. Next time you are in Fishy – get the password from one of our friendly local shops and connect!