Noni the pony comes home

Marge Arnup, John Cooper, Alison Lester & Noni the Pony.

So this happened in July! We were most proud to sponsor the coming home of the Noni the Pony tea cosy. Crafted by Marianne Alcock, Noni was an entry in our e-Cosy Competition. We approached Marianne who was most happy to sell Noni, who is now ‘stabled’ most comfortably in the Alison Lester Bookshop and bringing huge smiles to John and Alison.

Make sure to check up on Noni the Pony when you are next in Fish Creek!

Late mention of the early bird…

A memory refresh is probably in order, so…sometime in May, before the e-Cosy Competition closed, we offered a prize of Tea Cosy merchandise as an incentive to submit entries early…and then forgot to make any mention of who won! So, finally, we are pleased to announce that the Early Bird winner was Monique Nussler, and her prize was duly sent to Rotterdam.

Is this a good time to remind you that we have festival merchandise? Dare we mention that it is getting close to Christmas?! You can order online or, if you are in Fishy, you will find some at the Handmakers Store or Fish Creek Pharmacy Plus.