Late mention of the early bird…

A memory refresh is probably in order, so…sometime in May, before the e-Cosy Competition closed, we offered a prize of Tea Cosy merchandise as an incentive to submit entries early…and then forgot to make any mention of who won! So, finally, we are pleased to announce that the Early Bird winner was Monique Nussler, and her prize was duly sent to Rotterdam.

Is this a good time to remind you that we have festival merchandise? Dare we mention that it is getting close to Christmas?! You can order online or, if you are in Fishy, you will find some at the Handmakers Store or Fish Creek Pharmacy Plus.

The teapot is empty…

The teapot is empty folks…yes, we have come to the end of the 2020 Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival.

We are so pleased with the response to the innovation of the e-Cosy Exhibition and thank all the crafters for sharing their wonderful tea cosies. Our thanks also to all of you who have viewed and shared the exhibition with your friends and family across Australia and the world.

Thank you also to everyone who posted an image to Instagram #teacosiesinisolation – our first Instagram competition and for some people, their first Instagram post!

When restrictions are lifted and you can visit Fish Creek and the South Gippsland Shire, make sure you use the services of our sponsors who so generously provided the prizes.

We thank Ramona Barry, the tea cosy judge for her professionalism in selecting the 2020 winners. A difficult task that was compounded by only having images to work from.

We encourage you to follow our website or like us on facebook so you can know about the next festival.

Until the guidelines around public gatherings are clear we are unable to announce any future festival plans, but we so look forward to the day when Fish Creek can once again host celebrations to the humble tea cosy and showcase the unique talents and hospitality of the Fish Creek community.