About the Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival

The Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival is held every two years and celebrates creativity and the taking of tea.

The Tea Cosy Exhibition is the feature event of the festival. Tea cosy makers are limited only by their imagination and ingenuity in creating their entries to the Tea Cosy Competition. Cosies can be submitted in various categories – Traditional, Exuberant Whimsy, Childrens – and entries are then judged, awarded prizes and exhibited.

The tea cosy as a theme reflects the rural setting of Fish Creek – the nurturing and welcoming nature of the town and the blending of traditional and new ways of doing things by the reinvention of an iconic symbol of everyday life.

The festival is an avenue for showcasing Fish Creek to the wider community. It builds on the concept of a tea cosy keeping tea warm while it brews. In much the same way, the festival aims to insulate the creative and entrepreneurial nature of the community, keeping the locals, visitors and artists warm while they explore, develop and grow.

The festival is organised by a committed group of locals with skills and talents too numerous to list, and is auspiced by the Fish Creek Community Development Group. The festival gives back to the community by distributing profits to local community groups and projects.