Deidre Granger

Deidre Granger and her partner Luke Dearlove came to Fish Creek in 2011 as the new owners of our Post Office. Immediately Deidre felt she had found the small town into which she could realise a seven-year dream to establish a tea cosy festival. Her vision inspired several others and a committee was soon formed to present the first Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival in May 2013.

Most of us thought we would probably get about 50 tea cosies, and one weekend would be the most Fish Creek would absorb (especially in the football season). But Deidre had other ideas! So we set to work under Deidre’s guidance. Her computer and PR skills were mind boggling. This was a different way to the old ones we were used to, but an amazing learning curve for us all.

Thanks to Deidre’s vision, Fish Creek has featured around the world. People come from all around Australia on their ‘grey nomad’ holidays and tea cosies arrive from the United Kingdom, America, Japan, South Africa and New Zealand.

The Fish Creek community is indebted to this amazing woman, who passed away suddenly on 31 October 2015. She never once doubted the success of her dream – a dream the festival committee are determined shall continue in her honour.