An Instagram competition. How you interpret ‘tea cosies in isolation’ is up to you, although we advise not attempting anything too risky or dangerous – we don’t want any cosy selfie disasters!

The Entry Conditions for this competition are simple:

The image must be posted to Instagram with the hashtag #teacosiesinisolation by 24 May 2020.

The image must meet Instagram’s Terms of Use.

The quality of the tea cosy in question is unimportant – you might’ve made it yourself, bought it at an op shop or borrowed it from your granny, we don’t care.

If you have won a prize in the e-Cosy Competition, you can’t win this prize, but don’t let that stop you entering!

Here’s the good bit. The prize for this competition – Pennicott Wilderness Journeys has donated two tickets for their two-and-a-half hour Wilsons Promontory Cruise (worth $270). Take an image of a tea cosy in isolation and win a tour to a beautiful, isolated part of Victoria! Can’t get more appropriate than that.

Update: the winner is ‘Isolation yogi tea please’ by Aishwarya Saraswati.